Headphone Commute

James Murray - Slowcraft Radio

November 10, 2020

On today’s Headphone Commute podcast, we’re syndicating an episode of James Murray‘s Slowcraft Radio (episode 4, to be exact), on which this London-based composer and Slowcraft Records label boss showcases some of his favorite pieces. These, of course, include selections released on his own imprint, as well as remixes and collaborations [including one with yours truly] on the extended family of labels, such as Subcontinental, Ultimae, and Home Normal. Among the choices, you’d be happy to hear an Alva Noto cover of The Cure‘s “A Forest”, an excerpt from a beautiful long-form track by An Moku & Stijn Hüwels titled Where We Meet (I’ve got some proper coverage on this release coming up!), and a top pick from our very own album, coming out in just a week, titled Suññatā, on November 17th. This particular episode appeared on October 17th at CAMP, a broadcasting platform for artists offering a “diverse array of audible pleasures,” but for my own taste, I’m not gonna lie, there’s only room for Slowcraft… For a more detailed description, full tracklisting, and more information about this mix, please visit headphonecommute.com

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