Headphone Commute

Shimmering Moods - Headphone Commute Mix

November 25, 2020

Shimmering Moods is an independent boutique ambient label based in Amsterdam. In the last couple of years, it has released albums by Halftribe, Andrew Tasselmyer, Anthéne, øjeRum, Purl, and Olan Mill, among the many recognized names in its quickly growing roster of artists. It’s easy to get lost in its catalog among the hazy, shuffling, dubbed-out sounds, glinting and shimmering, reflecting the light off the still misty waters. This is a very tranquil and radiant place, slightly subdued in its faint hazy colors. “The music offers the listener a soundtrack for daydreaming, walks around the city or in nature, a creative activity, meditation, or invites them to a fully concentrated listen.” Today I am happy to share these sounds with you in this special label showcase compiled exclusively for Headphone Commute. And if you like what you hear, be sure to visit the label’s Bandcamp shop, where every limited release is lovingly packaged, hand-made, and bespoke, awaiting to meet at your doorsteps and share its wonders. For a more detailed description, full tracklisting, and more information about this mix, please visit headphonecommute.com

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