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130701 - A 20th Anniversary Mix by Dave Howell

August 10, 2021

On July 13th, 2021, one of my all-time favourite labels, named after its inception date, 130701 celebrated its 20th birthday. What can I say about its output, its delicate curation, and its monumental impact on our lives? Just look at the roster of its artists, many of which are showcased in this exclusive mix put together by Dave Howell, and you will immediately be swept away in the beautiful torrent of music that has been so extraordinary comforting in the last two decades. I would even proclaim that because of this imprint, on which many of today’s biggest names made their debut, the world is a different place, a richer place, and definitely better. Just look at HC’s coverage of its releases – I think I wrote about every single one! There is so much more praise which I would like to publish, but Dave has also written a little bit about this special mix, and so I’d like to give him the stage for a moment. Meanwhile, enjoy the mix and please support the label!

See the entire tracklisting and read more from Dave Howell on the mix here: http://hcdi.gs/130701

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