Headphone Commute

Clima - Headphone Commute Mix

November 30, 2021

After listening to a lot of music in the very same genre, sometimes you just need a headcleaner. You know? Today is a perfect day for that. Oh, and do you remember Sirat‘s Noir mixes? Those dark and beautiful concoctions, paying tribute to the film-noir genre “with its characteristic anti-heroes, femmes fatales, gangsters and dirty dealings.” Well, it just happens to be that Ernesto Gerez along with his partner in crime, Javier Campos, also dabble in some dub-infused delicious drum’n’bass under the project named Clima. So I’ve asked him to put together a very special Headphone Commute Mix, peppered, of course, with the tracks from this Spanish duo, to showcase their very special style. And so, folks, here we are – sharing with you about 45-minutes of some spacious, engaging, and inspiring music, in the genre which is often geared towards the dancefloor. I hope you enjoy as much as I have – this has been playing on repeat all day long here.


Read more info plus the entire tracklist here: http://hcdi.gs/Clima

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