Headphone Commute

Fragmented Dialogue (Low Light Mixes / Ambientblog Mix)

July 28, 2020

Peter van Cooten of Ambientblog is no stranger to Headphone Commute. We have been musing on our discoveries for almost a decade now, exchanging mixes and words in a tightly knit musical network. His first mix for Headphone Commute podcast appeared back in 2011, titled Dawn Secrets and it features many of my favorite artists to this day. I think it's only fair to say that Dave Michuda of Low Light Mixes is also part of the said "network", with his first mix for Headphone Commute appearing in August of 2010 (also a decade ago), titled The Landscape Listens. For this special syndicated podcast, Dave and Peter create a cooperative voyage, each taking their turns to conduct and maneuver this ship in complex sonic waters to deliver you safely ashore, while in the process forever tattooing their message on your map of existence. Enjoy! For a more detailed description, full tracklisting, and more information about this mix, please visit headphonecommute.com

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