Headphone Commute

James Heather - Moving Sounds

May 12, 2021

James Heather is a pianist, composer, and publicist for Ninja Tune that has appeared on these pages on numerous occasions – most recently with a track premiere for his upcoming release Modulations: EP2. James and I have a mutual passion for sharing the music that we discover. A few years ago, he made an ambient focused Headphone Commute Mix for this very same podcast. Today I’m syndicating his selection originally appearing on his very own Moving Sounds program that he runs on London’s Soho Radio. This monthly show “was born out of the long-running playlist of the same name created by James that explores spaces between classical, electronic, ambient, soul, jazz, drone, film soundtrack, folk, field recordings & other transporting sounds from the past but mostly from now.” This particular mix is featuring many of my favourite composers whom I am honoured to call friends, and I was even happy to contribute a track of my own. In the case of mixes, I always follow the “less words – more music” formula, so here you go, folks! Enjoy!

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