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Mathias Van Eecloo - eisOtones 13

February 16, 2021

What’s this? Somehow, last year, both Mathias Van Eecloo and I completely forgot our annual tradition to publish another eisOtones instalment, in which this prolific French musician and label(s) owner collects 50 tracks from 50 releases of the prior year. How did that happen? I suppose, Mathias was extremely busy wrapping up his monumental Eilean Rec. project, in which he released 100 records based on an imaginary map of 100 points. The final catalogue entry in this imprint [as you can imagine] was number 100 and collected unreleased pieces in an 82-track compilation. Van Eecloo wasted no time there and immediately set off on another venture, titled LAAPS, releasing vinyl records in a permanent continuity of sounds and visual bridges between each one. Another puzzle for you to complete! So I suppose it was a very busy time of endings and new beginnings… but this year we’re back! So, without more words and reflected distractions, here’s a 72-minute journey, which I’m sure you’ll enjoy!

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