Headphone Commute

Sirat - Noir 2

June 2, 2021

About, oh, eight years ago now (jeez!) I featured a Noir mix by Sirat, a DJ from Spain who hand-picked his favourite downtempo and trip-hop tracks to create a tribute to film-noir, “with its characteristic anti-heroes, femmes fatales, gangsters and dirty dealings”. It was a fantastic stroll down the rain-refreshed alley, which received a lot of praise among the followers of the genre (including yours truly). It seems that the mix has also left a wonderful impression on its creator – enough to create a long-awaited follow-up, “returning to those smoky sounds, and black and white environments” Once again, the intention here is for you to create your very own movie of your mind, and transport yourself “to the universe of film noir.” Enjoy the many familiar bits on here (like that lovely Portishead track!) and discover new artists along the way! Oh, and while you’re in the mood for further listening, check out Sirat’s Soundcloud, where you will find more mixes, as well as his productions as part Clima project.

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